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Memorial Union
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Advertising must be “appropriate & professional” in its wording and appearance and in conformance with University community standards.

Marketing Tools and Resources

  Arrow URI Web Calendar
Submit your event to URI's Main Calendar Of Events

Memorial Union's Web Site
Submit your event to Sheri Davis


Memorial Union's Video Wall
For digital screen submission guidelines, please visit:



The Good 5-Cent Cigar Advertisement
• Option I: Classified ad ONE FREE per week for student senate recognized organizations (maximum 20 words).
• Option II: General ad (cost depends on size).
For more information, visit or call (401) 874-2914.



WRIU Radio Spot
To place an advertisement, visit the WRIU office in the Union or call 874–4949.
• Option I: create a tape or CD that is less than 30 seconds long.
• Option II: type out a 30 second advertisement for the DJ to read.



E- Marketing
Don't miss the marketing opportunties on social media.
• Facebook
• You Tube
• Twitter
• Instagram




Display Policy
Physical posters can be displayed behind display cases, and the size must be between 8 ½” x 11” and 12” x 18” max size. These posters will be displayed on a first come, first serve basis.

Posters can be developed and purchased at the URI Bookstore Signshop.
Please contact them at:

Phone:              401-874-2733
Office:              Room 136, Memorial Union

All advertising must be “appropriate & professional” in its wording, and its appearance must conform to the University community standards.

All posters can be submitted to the Memorial Union Information Desk, and they will be placed behind a display case. All unapproved advertising will be removed and discarded.

All submitted posters must promote specific events (including date/time/location) to be held either on- or off-campus. General advertising posters will not be accepted.

To display a poster for any other purpose, organizations must submit a variance request to the Memorial Union Board of Directors at:
Phone:             401-874-5290
Office               Room 204, Memorial Union  


Banner Production and Design
The URI Bookstore.
Olavo Goncalves, Signage/Spec. Events or

Displaying Your Banner At The Union
MU Building Services 874-5290
Banner Space Dimensions pdf

The Memorial Union offers banner spaces to University organizations (Student & Campus Community) for publicity purposes. Banner spaces can be reserved online ( on a First Come/First Served basis.

Banner Sizes: The dimesion for Banner Locations 1, 2, 3, and 6 are: 12 feet by 3 feet (12' x 3'). The banner dimensions for Banner Locations 4 and 5 are: 8 feed by 3 feet (8' x 3').

Banner Production: The preferred vendor for banner production is the URI Bookstore Sign Shop. Please contact them at 401-874-2733 or email them at Banners must be equipped with corner eye-rings for anchoring.

Display TimelineTo maximize the use of banner spaces for everyone, all banners should advertise specific events on campus and should include a date/time/location. Given customer demand and space limitations, banners can be hung for a maximum of 14 consecutive days leading up to your event. For exampus, if your event is on February 21st, your banner can be hung by February 6th (14 days plus event day).

Banner Drop-Off: All Banners should be dropped off to Room 215 in the Memorial Union no later than the first day it is scheduled to be displayed. It is recommended that you drop your banner off 24-48 hours in advance. The banner space will be held for 24 hours, unless MU Operations and Event Support Services is notified of extenuating circumstances. If after 24 hours the banner has not been dropped off, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and issue the space to another organization.

Banner Pick-up: Your banner must be picked up within one week or it will be discared.

Inclement Weather Damages: All banners hung outside are subject to wear and tear from external weather conditions.

Theft: Please be aware of the possibility of theft for banners hung outside, particularly overnight. If we find that a banner has been stolen, we will noftiy you, contact the URI Police, and make every attempt to retrieve it.



Flyers can be produced at Campus Copy and Design.

Flyers can be posted at various campus locations. Each facility sets is own posting policy. To post flyers at the Memorial Union, provide two 8 1/2” x 11” flyers to the Info Desk and the staff will place them behind the bulletin boards.

MU Display Policy
• The bulletin boards are available to all applicable organizations for general-use; additionally, the general public may utilize the bulletin boards on the 1st floor.
• Two notices are permitted for URI programs that cite specific dates & times, while only one notice is permitted for non-URI programs or URI programs that cite no specific dates & times.
• Program notices must not exceed 14”x22” in size, and must include the sponsoring group’s name & contact telephone number.
• Classified ads may not exceed the size of a 3”x5” index card.
• All notices must be submitted to the Information Desk for approval, stamping, & posting.


Memorial Union Assigned Display Cases
• The display cases are assigned annually by Union Board to specific organizations for their exclusive use.
• Application forms, which are available in the Union Board office, must be filled out and submitted to that office in adherence with allocation deadlines.
• Organizations must maintain up-to-date displays and must remove all display materials at the end of their usage period.



Memorial Union Promotional Booths
• University recognized organizations wishing to use a booth have the option of scheduling the area one day per week for a maximum three week period or three days in any given one week period.
• Recognized Student Senate Organizations that have established subcommittee(s) with elected officers will be treated as separate groups.
Booth numbers 1-5 are reserved for student organizations, however, if there is a no show, the scheduling office can make use vacant booth that day.
• After such scheduling, a two-week waiting period must be observed before an area may be scheduled again by the organization.
• Organizations using areas are responsible for cleaning the area when through by picking up all trash, garbage, bottles and cans and disposing them in their appropriate containers.
• Members representing an organization must remain behind the booth at all reserved times.
• If a scheduled area is not used, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required or the organization will be charged the standard fee.
• If any sales or collections are to be made, the organization must schedule a cash box from the Memorial Union Accounting Office or the Student Senate Accounts office.
• At end of each day the cash box must be returned, reconciled & deposited.


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