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Memorial Union
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Box Office

The Box Office

Memorial Union, 2nd Floor
T: 874-2832
Staff: Staff: Tom (Graduate Advisor, SEA Office),Kanyinsola, Alyssa, Nabrissa, Julia, Margaret, and Hannah


Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and Cash


Box Office Tickets

For your convenience,
the Memorial Union Box Office is available for ticket sales. Student Senate recognized organizations may use the Box Office to sell tickets at no cost.
Non-Student Senate groups may utilize the Box Office for a 5% service charge.

Procedure for Ticket Sales:
Submit tickets for registration to the Memorial Union Student Involvement Graduate Assistant and SEA Advisor (MU, Room 206)  
All tickets must be numbered consecutively. In the case of reserved seating, seat location acts as a substitute for the consecutive numbers.  
When a limited number of tickets are available for an event, URI undergraduate students have first priority. There must be a period at the beginning of ticket sales, which is open to undergraduates only; this period must be at least four (4) hours. Student Senate Organization must also offer a lower price for Students.  
After sales are over, the Box Office will put any remaining tickets in the safe.  
You may contact the Building Manager to release these tickets during the weekend or evenings.  
For Student Senate recognized organizations ticket revenue will automatically be placed in your account and you will receive a receipt via your mailbox. For all other groups, ticket revenue can be retrieved at MU Accounting Office, Room 213.  


If a Student Senate recognized organization does not wish to use the box office to sell tickets for an event, it may sell tickets with a cash box at a booth in the Union. These are the only two ways in which tickets may be sold. If your organization wishes to design its own tickets, the Finance Chairperson must approve the request and each ticket must have the stamp of approval by the Finance Chair. Any other attempt to sell tickets will result in termination of the organization’s planned event and possibly those planned for the remainder of the semester.