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(SEA) Student Event Advising Office

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We Serve All Student Organizations!
The Student Event Advising Office (SEA) offers all campus organizations assistance in event planning, program advising, and maintains a master student events calendar.

Program Advising
From concept to completion, we can help answer questions like, "What is the goal of the program?" "Who is the desired audience? (i.e. who would you like to reach?)" and "What would you like to accomplish by having this program?" Once the basics of your program have been ironed out, we can help you plan your event!

Event Registration and Planning
Any student social event with attendance over 50 guests, whether open to the public or private, MUST BE REGISTERED with the SEA Office. Once your organization has its program goal in mind, we can help you with the fine details of your event. We can help you plan and maintain a budget, decide on a location, select catering, and get audio-visual equipment. We will even help you with publicity for your event. And most importantly, our staff will do our best to assist you with delegating tasks and planning for accountability!

Brittany Murtaugh

Graduate Assistant
Master of Science in College Student Personnel, 2017
T: 401-874-2220


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