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Leadership Certificate Program

Bringing Campus Leaders Together


The Leadership Certificate Program (formerly eLe@d) is a 3-tier co-curricular leadership program grounded in experiential learning and leadership theory. Members of the LCP Scholar Cohort participate in programs to help sharpen natural strengths and develop essential leadership skills. Each member is able to structure the program around their schedule and interests.

Applications for the 2013-2014 are due Monday, September 9, 2013.
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What is the Leadership Certificate Program?

The Leadership Certificate Program is a co-curricular program run through the Center for Student Leadership Development that allows students to become part of a unique, close-knit, leadership cohort. Participants are recognized for the leadership events, organizations, and programs that they already participate in and attend, and spend the year developing their leadership skills. A combination of online modules and in-house workshops, the LCP is customizable to both your interests and busy schedule. As a participant, you reflect on your various leadership experiences through your personal LCP blog.

Is LCP different from the leadership minor?

Yes! The leadership minor is for academic credit and there is a specific sequence of classes that a student must progress through. LCP is an out of the classroom experience. This experience consists of attending a variety of events through the CSLD and other events on campus. For example, you may choose to attend a multicultural event, a career services workshop, or partake in a volunteer opportunity. You have the freedom to pick and choose what fits your schedule and your interests.

How long does it take to complete the program?

It can take two to three years to complete, depending on your application and class standing when you are accepted to the program. If you are applying as a sophomore, LCP can be fully completed in three years. You can join the program in year one as a sophomore, complete year two as a junior, and then continue on to complete year three in your senior year.


Each level presents different requirements and options for what you can do. At the end of each year you must have fulfilled the stated requirements to continue with the program and advance to the next level. After each completed requirement, you must compose the reflection prompt on your LCP blog within two weeks.

Level 1 - Emerge

While in Level 1, you will gain knowledge of the leadership theories that are at the center of program development for the Center for Student Leadership Development. The events and activities in Level 1 are geared to have you start thinking and learning about leadership both on and off campus, as well as introduce you to leadership as an overarching theme throughout your college experience. Topics include Servant Leadership, Relational Leadership, the Social Change Model of Leadership, leadership foundations, and the Strengths Quest assessment.

Level 2 – Experience

Throughout Level 2, you are able to attend themed workshops sponsored by both the CSLD and other on-campus offices, focusing on topics such as group dynamics, diversity awareness, personal values and ethical leadership, and conflict management. You also have the opportunity to hold leadership positions on campus, such as being a North Woods Challenge Course facilitator, tour guide, orientation leader, URI 101 mentor, or a resident assistant!

Level 3 – Excel

As a Level 3 student, you are encouraged to participate in an internship and have the opportunity to coach Level 1 students through their first year of LCP. Workshops will focus on socially responsible leadership, motivating others, and wellness in leadership. A final project will allow you to reflect on how you've accomplished your goals through the program. You will leave LCP with a better understanding of yourself as a leader.

For an overview of the program, please see this document: LCP Program Outline

Join LCP

Each level has 10-15 members, for 30-45 students total in the program. We strive to create a close-knit cohort of students, with students getting to know the other members of their "class" through workshops and leadership experiences. At the end of each year, all eLe@d members are brought together for a final retreat.

Applications for the 2013-2014 are now open - click HERE to apply! Application are due May 1st.

Student Work

Check out what our students are doing this semester! Take a look at their blogs and follow thier journey through the eLe@d program.

Level 1







Semester Dates

All Members

Kickoff Workshop: Board Breaking, Friday, September 20th, 4-6pm, MU Ballroom

Safe Zone Training, Friday, November 15th, 4-6pm, MU Senate Chambers

Winter Social & Facilitation Skills, Friday, December 6th, 4-6pm, MU Atrium 2

Welcome Back Social, Friday, January 31st, MU Atrium 2

Final Retreat, Friday, April 18th, 4-7pm, MU Atrium 2

Level 1

Workshop: Leadership Foundations, Monday, October 7th, 5-6pm, MU 354

Workshop: Strengths Quest, Monday, February 10th, 5-6pm, MU 354

Level 2

Workshop: Peer Leadership, Tuesday, October 15th, 5-6pm, MU 354

Workshop: Values & Ethical Leadership, Tuesday, February 25th, 5-6pm, MU 354

Level 3

Workshop: Challenge & Support, Wednesday, October 2nd, 5-6pm, MU 354

Workshop: Career Servince, Wednesday, November 20th, 5-6pm, MU 354

Workshop: Mindfulness & Wellness in Leadership, Wednesday, February 19th, 5-6pm, MU 354

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